Sponsor Orphan And Homeless Children

Welcome here as a sponsor of our children who lost their family and home.
Except helping the children we run point actions and family strengtening program too. When you or your company donate a gift to our project you contribute to that vulnerable and orphaned children can grow up in a loving family. The money goes to necessary things like food, medicin, school and clothes.
Below you can see the alternatives you have as a private or company sponsor for the orphaned or homeless children.

One Time Gift

- An amount of your choice

Kindergarten/Lower Grade Programme/

- Kindergarten/Lower Grade sponsor: US$ 12 or Php 565/Month or US$ 144 or Php 6,780/Year (minimum 12 months)


- School sponsor: US$ 24 or Php 1,130/Month or US$ 288 or Php 13,560/Year (minimum 12 months)
This gives a child the opportunity to study, food and health check ups.

Family strengtening program/

- Village/Family strengtening sponsor: US$ 50 or Php 2,350/Month minimum 12 Months


We in SFN are all working as volunteers and only work or cooperate with well planned projects such as SOS-Children Villages and similar. Among our members we have people who have experienced the hardship in life and also surviving a catastrophe in the Philippines. That is why we all together now want to give some of the less fortunate children in the Philippines a possibility to improve their chances in life.
For more information about the project "C.O.M.E Village" and our work please contact us on e-mail: contact@swefilnetwork.org or sms +46-(0)722-79 74 41.

Kind Regards:
Jimmy Larland, Chairman S.F.N