Sponsor Orphan And Homeless Children

Welcome here as a sponsor of our children who lost their family and home.
Except helping the children we run point actions and family strengtening program too. When you or your company donate a gift to our project you contribute to that vulnerable and orphaned children can grow up in a loving family. The money goes to necessary things like food, medicin, school and clothes.
Below you can see the alternatives you have as a private or company sponsor for the orphaned or homeless children.

One Time Gift

- An amount of your choice

Kindergarten/Lower Grade Programme/

- Kindergarten/Lower Grade sponsor: US$ 12 or € 11/Month or US$ 144 or € 132/Year (minimum 12 months)


- School sponsor: US$ 24 or € 22/Month or US$ 288 or € 264/Year (minimum 12 months)
This gives a child the opportunity to study, food and health check ups.

Higher studies

- 1 Student: from US$ 3,128 or € 2,880/Year (Minimum 2 years)
This gives a student possibility to graduate and get a qualified job.

Family strengtening program/

- Village/Family strengtening sponsor: US$ 50 or € 45/Month minimum 12 Months


We in SFN are all working as volunteers and only work or cooperate with well planned projects such as SOS-Children Villages and similar. Among our members we have people who have experienced the hardship in life and also surviving a catastrophe in the Philippines. That is why we all together now want to give some of the less fortunate children in the Philippines a possibility to improve their chances in life.
For more information about the project "C.O.M.E Village" and our work please contact us on e-mail: contact@swefilnetwork.org or phone +46-722-79 74 41.

Below is a list of some of the donators!
Kind Regards:
Jimmy Larland, Chairman S.F.N

We thank you these donators for giving poor children a better chance in life!

Private Donors

Larland Family, Jörenborg Family, Timbang Family, Ekström Family, Schön Family, Karlsson Family, Sjödin Family, Christoffer Jansson, Byrsta Friförsamling (Örebro), Filipino community, Thai community and countless of others

Business Donors