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Do you want to work abroad?

By the links below you can check what you need to register and be able to travel or seek job abroad.

Links to Scandinavia

By the links below you can check what is needed to visit or work in northern europe.

Exercise, Stay Healthy or Not?!

Do you like to bike or run?!
We are some who run and bicycle for exercise and experiences. When you exercise you become more alert and able to perform better.
Avoiding exercise increases the risk that you get a bad health, which also means that you can not cope with things easily. This applies whether you are young or old. Cycle or run by yourself or with friends. Gather together and plan running or bicycle trips and for those who have interest in more challenging, register to amateur races together.
A great speaker, Anthony Pangilinan, said: “Your body is your vehicle. If you don’t prepare your body to be healthy then you are preparing your body to be sick.”