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Do you like to bike?

We are some who bicycle for exercise and experiences around Stockholm/Mälardalen.
When you exercise you become more alert and able to perform better. Avoiding exercise increases the risk that you get a bad health, which also means that you can not cope with things easily. This applies whether you are young or old.
Cycle by yourself or with friends. We plan to have bicycle trips and for those who have interest in more challenging, we can register us to amateur races together.
A great speaker, Anthony Pangilinan, said: “Your body is your vehicle. If you don’t prepare your body to be healthy then you are preparing your body to be sick.”

Course in Economy

Is it difficult to make it every month?!
Is there never enough money for you?
Are you waiting for the day it all will workout?
Does your "old" family "need" more and more of your income?
Do you trust or take for granted that your partner will take care of you and your economy?

Stop waiting for a miracle because it is only YOU or you together with your partner that can make a change in your economic future!

Money does not come from a bottomless well they must first be earned and then be planned and taken cared of for a better future.
Magsumikap ka sa paghahanap buhay ngunit tiyakin mo na may plano ka kung papaano palalaguin ang kinita mo!

This course is for everyone who is looking for tools to take control over the economy and improve daily life. We speak about general necessarities but also some specific problems that you can have or get when sending money to the "old" family back "home".
Langage used is swedish and/or english. Some parts can be in written Tagalog.
Fee for members: 100sek/pax when 10 participants
Fee for non members: 130sek/pax when 10 participants
Place: Upplands-Väsby (other locations after agreement, to another cost)
For more information: contact@swefilnetwork.org

Support Membership

Individual = 100 SEK / Year
Family = 200 SEK / Year (2 Adults + Children under 20yo)
Entrepreneur or Organization = Contact us

IBAN: SE49 9500 0099 6026 0593 9244
Bankgiro number: 739-5262
PlusGiro number: 59 39 24-4

NOTE: With the payment please indicate your name and E-mail!

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