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BYLAWS of the Swedish-Filipino Network

§ 1. Purpose and Objectives.

Swedish-Filipino Network is a political and religious independent non-profit organization with the purpose to inform and disseminate information that promotes contacts / exchanges between Sweden and the Philippines.
Furthermore, the association will arrange for and / or collaborate in activities for the dissemination, preservation and development of Philippine culture.

  • The association shall promote their members interests in negotiations on matters relating to the association's activities.
  • The association may also at the individual member's request, enforce such a question that has general interest to the association's other members.
  • The association shall promote education and awareness of and between members in matters of common interest.
  • In case of any financial surplus for the association's activities each year after set aside for future balance and activities it will go to such charities in the Philippines, which creates educational and / or housing for needy young mothers and children

§ 2. Place.

The Board shall have its head office in Stockholm, or in a city where the majority (at least 2 / 3) of the board members are residents. New city can only be decided at the AGM

§ 3. Membership and voting rights.

  • Membership in the association is open to individual, family, business, organization or agency that wants to support and promote the Society's purpose.
  • Membership entitles, provided that the annual fee paid during the year to the AGM report, to one (1) vote at the Annual Meeting. Otherwise, the vote that the annual fee shall be paid within three (3) months prior to the meeting and then the right to vote only from the point after discharge granted.
  • Has the member paid the annual fee less than three (3) months before the meeting he is entitled to participate in the negotiations but not allowed to vote.
  • Right to vote on other members' meetings will be member of at least three (3) months before the meeting, paid the annual fee. Other members are entitled to participate in the negotiations but not vote.
  • Member is entitled, at the annual meeting and member meeting, by written order represent a maximum of three (3) other voting members. The proxy must, in order to be valid, before the meeting be forwarded to the association's chairman.
  • Persons in particular promoted the society's objectives may be appointed by the Board as honorary members.
Individual membership = one (1) voice (individual, organization, company, government)
Family Membership = one (1) voice
Age 10 - 15 = no voice
Honorary member = no voice

§ 4. Exclusion of a member.

If member works in violation of the association's purpose, acting to clear injury to the association or receive a sentence of authority contrary to the values ​​of the association or may inhibit the work of the association, the Board has the right, with immediate effect, exclude that member.

Excluded member is not entitled to reimbursement of paid fees.

§ 5. Termination of membership.

Members who wish to exit from the association must notify in writing to the Board or a member of the same. Membership not paid on time is also seen as termination of membership.

Cancelled membership gives no right to a refund of membership fees.

§ 6. Membership Fees.

Basis for the level of membership is taken up by the Board which has to-date overview of the association's finances, but it is introduced at the association's annual general meeting.

§ 7. The Board.

  • The Board shall consist of at least three (3) members, of whom one (1) shall be president of the association, one (1) Secretary or treasurer and at least one (1) alternate.
  • Ordinary members are appointed for a term of three (3) years. Alternates for a period of one (1) year
  • Not more than one third departing / is replaced annually
  • Three (3) Members' attendance is required for the Board to form a quorum
  • It is incumbent upon the Board to immediately adjacent to the ordinary AGM hold a meeting at which it shall be appointed preferable two (2) authorized signatories. Authorised signatory may individually hand-hold sums up to one by the Board decided amount limit, amounts above requires a decision from the Board
  • Notice to a meeting of the Board, which shall include a statement of where matters, shall be the members and alternates at least eight (8) days before the meeting
  • Board members are required to immediately report any impediment to the President
  • Alternate not serving in a board member's place may attend the meeting but can not vote

§ 8. Accounting and fiscal Year.

The financial year coincides with the calendar year and the fiscal year with a time of an annual meeting to the next annual meeting

§ 9. Association Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Association Annual General Meeting to be held each year during the period from March to June.
Notice of the meeting, which shall be members no later than twenty-one (21) days before the meeting, shall be by information on the website. Could this not happen a written invitation should be sent to each member.
At the annual general meeting, the following matters has to be addressed:

  • The meeting is opened
  • Has the Meeting been duly convened
  • Determination of the voting list
  • Election of Chairman of the meeting
  • Election of secretary of the meeting
  • Election of two (2) to adjust the protocol
  • Annual Financial Report
  • The auditors'report
  • Determination of the balance sheet
  • Discharge for accountants and board members
  • Decision on the resulting gains or losses
  • Decision on remuneration to the the board members and auditors
  • Election of the president of the association
  • Election of the vice president of the association
  • Election of two (2) auditors and one (1) alternate
  • Election of members in the nomination committee
  • Establishment of annual fee
  • Motions and petitions
  • Other issues
  • Meeting ends

§ 10. Extraordinary Member Meeting.

Extraordinary members' meeting may be convened whenever the need arises. For the decision of the board of special meeting is a simple majority required. Extraordinary session can also be requested by members and the request will then be assisted by one third of the members.
Notice of members' meeting shall be available for the members no later than fourteen (14) days before the meeting.

§ 11. Decisions at the meeting.

Decisions shall be by acclamation if no vote is requested.
A vote of individual candidates the election shall be by secret ballot. Otherwise is it acceptable with show of hands.

§ 12. Revision.

The association's management has to be audited by two (2) of the association appointed auditors.
Accounts, records and other documents, which will give information on the Board's administration, should be given to the auditors for review not later than one (1) month before the annual general meeting . It is the auditors responsibility to at least one (1) week prior to the meeting to return the documents to the Board

§ 13. Firm.

The association's authorized firm is signatoried by the Board or the board members the Board designate. Authorised signatory shall not have financial problems or complaints from banks, financial institutions or authorities.
Authorised signatory has the authority to manage the current expenses of the association such as the cost of any rent, mail, stationery, website, etc. Other transactions has to be determined by the full Board

§ 14. Nomination Committee.

  • Nominating Committee shall be appointed and consist of three (3) members and one (1) alternate. The term of office is three (3) years in which to elect one member each meeting.
  • Convening is the longest serving member of the committee.
  • The Election Committee shall prepare the elections for the next meeting. The Board shall in advance of the meeting inform the nomination committee on which ones of the board who is due to step down
  • The committee's proposal must be submitted to the Board not later than one (1) month prior to the meeting and mailed to members together with the invitation.

§ 15. Motions.

Motions shall, for consideration at the annual general meeting, be submitted to the Board not later than one (1) month prior to the meeting.

§ 16. Changes in the Bylaws and the dissolution of the association.

  • Amendments to these statutes, and a eventual dissolution of the association shall, in order to be valid, be decided on two (2) subsequent annual general meetings. The decision must be approved by at least 2 / 3 majority of the meeting participants.
  • At the dissolution of the association, the bank funds that are available have to go to an activity or project in the Philippines with one or more well-established active organizations.

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